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Brand: White Pearl

Product: White Pearl Basmati Rice

Color: White

Grain Size: Long Grain

White Pearl Basmati Rice is a Vegetarian product.

White Pearl Basmati Rice is a premium, single variety Basmati rice, aged for 18 months and harvested solely from the original region where Basmati was grown.

White Pearl Basmati Rice is recognised as the leading Pakistani Basmati Rice brand.

And we have a Great Taste Award to prove it.

Pure, mature and authentic Basmati rice from Pakistan.

Long, fluffy, deliciously fine and separate grains.

Free from gluten and lactose.

Unique aromatic fragrance.

Watered by the snow fed rivers of the Himalayas.

The finest quality Basmati can only be sourced from the heart of the best and most fertile land of Punjab.

consumers already know that no other Basmati can compare with the delicate aroma, delicious flavour and delightful tenderness of authentic Pakistani Basmati.

Traditional harvesting, deft handling and delicate processing make White Pearl Basmati so different.

Its pure white grains absorb more water during cooking which results in even longer fluffy, deliciously fine and separate grains.

So go ahead, Buy White Pearl Basmati Rice in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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