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  • TRS Dhania Whole is a Vegetarian Product.
  • Coriander powder is a beloved flavoring of Indian cuisine and is used for almost all masalas and curries.
  • TRS Dhania Quite consists of natural coriander seeds with a nutty aroma and a spicy spicy taste.
  • Grind the coriander seeds in a mortar and combine this powder with other spices such as turmeric, cumin and chili peppers.
  • TRS Dhania Can also be used in powder form as a binder for sauces and curries.
  • With the help of coriander powder every dish gets a warm, nutty taste.
  • Coriander seeds are commonly used in Indian, as well as Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Coriander seeds bring warm, aromatic flavour to the dish.
  • Coriander seeds can be converted into Coriander powder after lightly roasting.
  • Coriander seeds is an important spice ingredient in Indian spice mixtures like Garam masala, Subzi masala, Sambar powder, rasam powder,
  • Coriander seeds are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Coriander seed can be used for making medicinal tea to soothe upset stomachs and to treat indigestion.
  • TRS Whole Dhania has a mild but very distinctive warm aroma with a sweet fruity and pungent flavour.
  • Whole roasted Coriander is widely used in cooking.
  • Coriander Powder is the main ingredient in most curry powders.
  • Coriander seeds are considered good for diabetes, cholesterol and to control free radicals in the body.
  • Coriander is fried in oil before other ingredients are added to prepare a curry.
  • Whole Dhania can also be dry roasted, ground and stored in an airtight container.
  • This freshly ground powder has a powerful aroma and flavour that gives the dish body and a defining flavour.
  • TRS whole spices are ideal for enhancing the colour and flavour of every dish.
  • So go ahead, Buy TRS WHOLE DHANIA in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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