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Brand: TRS


  • TRS Urid Flour offered by us is fresh, pure, and healthy.
  • We make available premium TRS Urid Flour (Papad Flour) that is known for its rich nutrition.
  • TRS Urid Flour (Papad Flour), that provides, is made with the best quality ingredients and is very healthy.
  • Urid (Urad) Dal Flour is also known as Black Lentil Flour and Maple Bean Flour.
  • Urid Flour is commonly used when making Papads and Poppadoms.
  • This Flour is made by grinding urid whole (Black Gram) beans into a fine powder.
  • Udad flour can be used to make puris and chapatis by mixing with wheat flour.
  • Papad Flour can also be used to prepare dosa and uthappams.
  • The flour can be added to purees and soups to improve the protein content of the recipe.
  • Also known as urid flour or Black lentil flour.
  • A popular lentil flour used worldwide for numerous recipes.
  • TRS Urid Flour can be mixed with chapati flour to make it protein rich multi-grain flour.
  • allow the batter mixture to ferment, allow to ferment and the batter is ready for making crispy dosa at home.
  • also known as urid flour or black lentil flour.
  • urad dal flour is made from dried, ground whole urad dal.
  • TRS Urad Dal flour is a finely ground whole urad dal which is used for making excellent soups, curries, and thickeners.
  • So go ahead, and Buy TRS Papad Flour in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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