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Producent: TRS
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Brand: TRS


  • TRS PISTACHIO KERNELS is a Vegetarian product.
  • TRS PISTACHIO KERNELS nuts are especially used in cooking desserts and sweets like Kheer and Barfi.
  • These dry fruits have a distinctive flavour.
  • The fresh nuts can be eaten as a quick evening bite or a snack nut.
  • PISTACHIO KERNELS provides a great mouthfeel to feed the hunger.
  • Pistachio is green in colour.
  • Pistachio Nuts are soft greenish nuts that have a high protein content and used to make flavoured milk and garnishing for sweets.
  • Pistachios can be added to soups and salads, cakes, muffins, biscuits and ice-creams.
  • They are eaten as is or salted and roasted.
  • Pistachios contain very low calorie and fat count when compared to other nuts.
  • PISTACHIO KERNELS are a rich source of energy, protein, mono-unsaturated fats, Vitamin E & B6, copper, and many more minerals and vitamins.
  • They are considered good for the heart.
  • So go ahead, and Buy TRS PISTACHIO KERNELS in online today.

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