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Brand: TRS


  • TRS Methi Seeds is a Vegetarian Product.
  • Methi Seeds are used to flavor several dishes and also form part of spice mixtures such as Panch Phoron.
  • One teaspoon taken with a glass of water every morning is said to have a soothing and cooling effect.
  • TRS methi seeds form an important ingredient in the finest madras curry powder.
  • Lightly roasted the whole methi gives a pungent bittersweet taste and is mainly used for the tempering of dals.
  • And enhancing the flavor of vegetable dishes. Whole methi is also an important ingredient in Indian pickles.
  • It helps in medical conditions such as diabetes, stomach problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  • It is said to be good for lactating mothers as it helps increase milk production.
  • Methi powder is considered good for the hair as it is a natural conditioner and helps reduce dandruff.
  • It is often mixed with other powders such as Henna or Amla powder and applied.
  • The aroma of fenugreek seeds is spicy and sharp, while the flavor is mildly bitter and like eating peas.
  • Use fenugreek seed in curries, chutneys, and baking, especially of flatbreads.
  • Methi Fenugreek Seeds belong to the main ingredients of the Indian kitchen next to the leaves of the same name.
  • The seeds that are also known as methi taste slightly bitter and are very aromatic.
  • TRS Methi Seeds can be added directly to the food in finely chopped form.
  • Use the aromatic seeds for chicken masalas, curries with potatoes and spinach, and chana masala.
  • So go ahead, Buy TRS METHI SEEDS in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.

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