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Brand: TRS


  • TRS Garlic Powder is a Vegetarian Product.
  • Ginger and Garlic are the secret ingredients of many delicious Indian spices dishes and must-have in Indian curries.
  • Ginger garlic paste is generally used in Tikka Masala and many nonvegetarians and Vegetarian dishes.
  • The ginger-garlic paste is typically fried and incorporated with other ingredients.
  • This ready to use Ginger -garlic paste is a very convenient way to use it in the preparation of spicy recipes.
  • All the flavor and texture of fresh ginger and garlic blended together without the inconvenience of peeling and chopping
  • Garlic powder is made from dehydrated garlic and has a less harsh, aggressive, and distinctly different flavor with less sweetness.
  • It is used with food items like grilled chicken, pasta, and pizza, toppings for popcorn, rub for meats of all kinds as well as a wonderful seasoning for vegetables.
  • TRS Garlic Powder is a convenient alternative for fresh garlic.
  • Garlic belongs to the most popular spices of the Indian kitchen and is mainly used for casseroles and relish.
  • Garlic powder is less aromatic and not as flavor-intensive than fresh garlic, but it can be kept for longer and is easier to dose.
  • Use TRS Garlic powder for vegetable curries, Indian shrimp balls, lamb dopiaza, mint relish, and lentil casseroles.
  • It is easy to add into sauces when making curry, pasta, and other cooked dishes.
  • Mix a couple of teaspoons into a paste with warm water and slowly add to the pan or mix with tomato puree before adding to the pan.
  • Try adding to flour when making a pizza base for extra garlic flavor.
  • So go ahead, Buy TRS GARLIC POWDER in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.

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