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Brand: TRS

Product: Almond Flavouring Essence

  • TRS Almond Flavouring Essence is a Non-alcoholic concentrated flavoring for all your baking needs.
  • Ideal for making cakes, Boiled Sweets, Cake Frosting/Icing Biscuits, fondant, creams, or Fudge.
  • Well, anything you want really!
  • This concentrated extract from TRS is the perfect flavor for all of your dishes that you want to refine.
  • Almond Essence is a clear food flavoring that is manufactured using natural ingredients.
  • It is mainly used to impart almond flavor to foods such as confectionery and baked products like cakes and cookies.
  • This Almond Essence is popular in some Chinese sweets like almond tea and almond jelly.
  • Known for rich taste and different health benefits, this essence is highly demanded among the clients.
  • This essence is processed in the hygiene environment in our vendors'' highly automated processing unit.
  • Natural color and Safe to consume.
  • It is used in savory dishes like pulao and biryanis.
  • synthetic almond flavoring is widely available, but larger supermarkets stock real almond essence, which is far superior.
  • hence don't compromise on the quality and the taste.
  • as a flavor enhancer in cakes, pastries, desserts, cordials, and confectionery.
  • usually to reinforce the flavor of almonds in any recipe, requiring almond.
  • Vegetarian & Free from alcohol. Oil-Soluble.
  • So go ahead, Buy TRS ESSENCE ALMOND in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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