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Brand: Tawa Iron With Wooden Handle

  • This Tawa is made up of a pre-treated Tawa pan without any chemical coating.
  • You can use your iron Tawa / pans for roti, chapati, egg omelet, Uthappa, roasting.
  • A must-have item in every kitchen.
  • MULTIPURPOSE DOSA TAWA - You can use your Iron Tawa pans for Roti, Chapati, Dosa, Paratha, Egg Omelet, Uthappa, Roasting, Grilling.
  • This iron Tawa heats up quickly and uniformly.
  • Tawa is mostly used for a faster cooking method and is easy to clean.
  • As a result, your cookware will continue to provide an exceptional cooking experience.
  • Lightweight Iron Tawa for easy use.
  • Traditional handmade cast tawa.
  • Wooden handle - when it gets heated, the wooden handle makes it easy to lift and move the pan.
  • Anti-rust coated - Longer life span.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Tawa Iron With Wooden Handle in Online comes with a flat base and lightweight.
  • It has a wooden handle which makes it easy to handle and avoid burning your hands.
  • This Iron Tawa works on both induction and gas stoves.
  • The Indus Valley Iron Tawa comes pre-seasoned without any chemical coating.
  • This iron Tawa comes with a fancy wooden handle which provides a stronger grip to the user.
  • It is safer as well as wood does not conduct any heat.
  • The absence of Teflon coating makes it free from any harmful effects, thereby making the cooked food healthier.
  • It has a flat iron which makes it induction friendly as well.
  • So go ahead, Buy Tawa Iron With Wooden Handle in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.

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