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Brand: Tata

Form: Loose Leaves

  • Tata Tea Gold is a unique blend of fine Assam tea leaves with a special 15% longleaf.
  • These gently rolled 15% longleaf, open up in boiling water that gives a superior aroma.
  • Tata Tea Gold is the perfect blend of aroma, taste, and strong nature of tea.
  • Tata Tea Gold is a perfectly balanced tea between taste and kadak chai.
  • Tata Tea Gold is a Rich aroma and Unique blend of tea infused with fresh green tea leaves
  • Longer leaf releases the distinguished aroma when set on boiling water. Make that perfect cup of tea to add a little sparkle to begin your day.
  • Cheer your loved ones with an exquisite cup of tea, made from the best quality tea leaves.
  • So go ahead, and Buy Tata Tea Gold in online today.


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