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Brand: PRIYA

Product: Mixed Vegetable Pickle

  • Priya Mixed Veg Pickle has a unique taste that captures the essence of several vegetables.
  • Priya Mixed Veg Pickle is distinct in terms of diverse vegetable tastes.
  • that merge to make it a feast and a great accompaniment for many rice and roti dishes besides snacks and breakfast items.
  • It is Available with Garlic & Without Garlic.
  • National brand.
  • Used the finest quality ingredients.
  • Suitable for all food.
  • Priya Mixed Pickle is a tangy and spicy pickle made with pieces of different vegetables and preserved in a mixture of various spices and condiments.
  • It contains no added preservatives or artificial flavours.
  • The recipe for Priya's Mixed Pickle originates from Rafi's home town of Hyderabad and is a real favourite in India.
  • Made with chunks of mango, carrot, green tomato and lime (and plenty of chilli of course!),
  • It has a strong savoury flavour that's perfect to pep up a curry.
  • Priya pickles are very traditional products with strong flavours and lots of chillies.
  • The ingredients and spices are blended together into a hot and salty paste with a wonderfully tangy bite.
  • So go ahead, Buy PRIYA MIXED VEGETABLE PICKLE in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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