Priya Tender Mango Pickle


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Brand: PRIYA

Product: Tender Mango Pickle

  • Priya Tender Mango pickle is picked baby mangoes.
  • Priya Tender Mango pickle is very tasty and therefore very popular in India.
  • Tender mango pickle is also known as Kannimanga.
  • In the kitchens of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the mystique brine and the magical tender mango make the delicious combo devouring any taste buds.
  • Lovingly and locally called Vadu Mango,
  • The unique yet favorite dish is the ultimate combination for Idli, Dosa or curd rice.
  • PRIYA FOODS presents the perfect southern touch unfailingly sourcing the cute little mangoes and soaking.
  • Priya’s Tender Mango Pickle (Vadu Mango) is made of delicious whole tender mangoes. Zest up your meal with this mouth-watering pickle.
  • Tender mango pickle is also known as Kannimanga Achar made from Nalla cheriya puli ulla Kanni Manga in Kerala and Maavadu, vadu manga, vadu mago pickle in Tamil.
  • Priya Tender mango pickle can be made and preserved even for the next season.
  • This Kerala style tender mango pickle by priya pickles is so delicious in taste that you will surely want it more, every time.
  • So go ahead, Buy PRIYA TENDER MANGO PICKLE in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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