Priya Garlic Pickle


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Brand: Priya

Product: Garlic Pickle

  • Priya Garlic Pickle is yet another novel indulgence made out of otherwise indispensable ingredients of the Indian kitchen.
  • Priya's Garlic Pickle is a great combination of mild Indian baby garlic with chili and authentic spices.
  • The aroma is finally captured and made into a pickle to give even the best of sauces and ketchup a run for the money.
  • because Priya’s Garlic Pickle forms the most delightful accompaniment for any of the so-called fast foods.
  • the tempting taste made naturally.
  • Used finest quality ingredients.
  • Suitable for all food.
  • It has a very tangy and spicy taste.
  • This Garlic Pickles made of delicious shredded garlic in oil.
  • Zest up your meal with this mouth-watering pickle.
  • This brand is renowned for authentic South India’s Special - Pickles, Snacks, Masalas, and Spice Powder.
  • We use refined Peanut oil and High-quality Spices in the processing.
  • Always use a dry spoon for serving, Mix well before using, keep oil layer on the top of the contents for freshness, store in a dry and cool place
  • So go ahead, Buy PRIYA GARLIC PICKLE in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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