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Brand: PATAK’S


  • A unique blend of ingredients for an authentic tasting Bhuna curry
  • A versatile pickle with a unique blend of fruity mangoes, tangy limes and green chillies.
  • Full of juicy mangoes, tangy limes, karamdas and chillies;
  • with less oil and acidity the flavour of our original family pickle recipe really shines through.
  • Patak's authentic Indian Pickles are tantalising blends of exotic fruits and vegetables with carefully selected spices.
  • Delicious and versatile, our pickles make a tasty accompaniment to your favourite curry and are great with a naan or papadum.
  • enjoy in a sandwich, salad or with cold meats to give an everyday meal a delectable Indian bite.
  • Mixed Pickle, Mixed with authentic spices.
  • Can be eaten with any other food you fancy.
  • Great quality product from Patak.
  • A combination of juicy mango and lime with the rather more exotic Karamda with authentic spices.
  • Tastes fab with your favourite curry or as a delectable addition to an everyday salad or sandwich.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • For a tasty and authentic Indian pickle, try Patak's Hot Mixed Pickle.
  • this is the perfect condiment to your Indian cooking.


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