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Brand: PATAK’S


PATAK’S Hot Curry Spice Paste is a Vegetarian Product.

A balanced blend of 11 spices captured in oil for a deep, rich authentic flavor.

Aromatic spices, paprika, cumin, and chili for a beautifully balanced Hot curry dish.

No Artificial Preservatives, Colours, Flavours.


Patak’s Hot Curry Paste is Suitable for vegetarians.

Patak's Hot Curry Spice Paste is a special mix made for people who like added pungency in their curry recipes.

The traditional Indian spice ingredients added in this exotic mix make it an extra spicy curry paste.

This product is convenient to use for home cooking and is ideal to use in meat/vegetable curry dishes.

Patak’s Hot Curry Paste is for curry fans who love some serious heat.

Add this paste to a tomato sauce for a rich flavor and strong spice.

Patak’s Curry Paste will work well with both meat and vegetable curries.

Patak’s Brand is Perfect for adding an authentic taste of India to your homemade curries.

A satisfying, flavor-packed foundation for a deliciously authentic curry.

Look no further than Patak's Hot Curry Spice Paste! Made extra spicy with traditional Indian spices, this curry's flavors will spice up any meat or vegetable dish.

Patak's Hot Curry Paste allows you to create an authentic Indian meal in just minutes.

Combining the traditional flavors of Indian cuisine with the modern simplicity of a cook-and-go stovetop dish, you're sure to love every product from Patak's.

Patak's products allow you to cook with delicious flavors and the highest quality ingredients and spices.

All of Patak's meal seasonings are made from the finest spices on the market - providing you with vibrant aromas and the flavors of India at your fingertips.

Our Patak's Hot Curry Paste is available in a convenient 10-ounce jar, perfect for home cooking!

So go ahead, Buy PATAK’S Hot Curry Spice Taste in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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