MDH Stuffed Parantha masala


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Brand: MDH

Product: Parantha Masala

  • Spice blend for stuffed Indian bread
  • Delicious
  • Zero Additives
  • Ready to use
  • No artificial colour
  • Aromatic
  • MDH Parantha masala is a spice blend for Stuffed Indian Bread which will give more flavour and taste to your paratha.
  • spice blend for stuffed indian bread.
  • make your favorite stuffed breads with potatoes/ paneer/ grated cauliflower or whatever you like.
  • MDH Stuffed Parantha Masala is required to make the Indian flatbread or roti of aroma and sumptuous flavors.
  • The masala adds spice and flavors to paratha and provides a unique mealtime experience.
  • The masala is a ground spices blend of different ingredients and spices.
  • Can be used as stuffing for india bread Parathas made with this stuffing can be served with yogurt
  • MDH is a well renowned and ancient name in the history of Indian spices.
  • Spices are an integral part of India's life and heritage.
  • They occupy the most important corner in each province of India.
  • So go ahead, Buy MDH PARANTHA MASALA in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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