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Brand: BINGO

Product: Mad Angles Tomato Madness

  • Bingo Mad Angles is a Vegetarian product.
  • Looking for a yummy snack to satisfy your 3 AM craving?
  • Dig into the pack of Bingo! Mad Angles Tomato Madness.
  • Take a bite of this perfectly triangular chip, experience an explosion of tangy flavour in your mouth.
  • Feel a part of the crazy La Tomatina festival scene of the very popular Bollywood movie with every bite.
  • Made from a corn base, the unique texture of Bingo! Mad Angles chips add to the crunchy fun.
  • Crunchy and super tasty from every angle,
  • Bingo! Mad Angles Tomato Madness will leave you wanting for more.
  • Tomato Madness! Bingo! Mad Angles are made from a corn base, cooked carefully with rice and flour which give it a unique texture.
  • These crunchy triangular chips were then soaked in tomato goodness to give you a contemporary flavour which would make your mouth water.
  • Experience a burst of tanginess in your mouth and be transported to the extremely.
  • Bingo Mad Angles Tomato Madness is a delicious crunchy snack made from potatoes.
  • With its exclusive triangular chips and spicy edge, Bingo Mad Angles Tomato Mischief will maintain you addicted to it.
  • Make happy your snack craving as you know, the rush of juicy tomatoes, the instability of the texture and the distinctiveness of the shape.
  • Give a twist to your snack time with the Bingo Mad Angles Tomato Madness.
  • These khakra-like triangles have a unique texture that will add to your snacking fun.
  • Their tangy tomato flavour makes them a popular choice among kids and adults.
  • Satisfy your snack craving anytime, anywhere with these yummy Mad Angles. Grab a pack today to enjoy with your family!
  • So go ahead, Buy BINGO MAD ANGLES TOMATO MADNESS in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.

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