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Brand: BINGO

Product: Mad Angles Chaat Masti

  • The perfect snack with authentic tasting flavours.
  • Perfect triangular-shaped namkeen.
  • Tangy flavours of tamarind and fresh pudina.
  • Perfect triangular shape with the lip-smacking flavour of Indian street food.
  • Made from a corn base, the unique texture of Bingo!
  • Crunchy and super tasty from every angle, Chaat Masti is tangy, zesty and minty with every bite.
  • Tired of going around in circles? Eat Bingo! Mad Angles Chaat Masti.
  • Enjoy the desi flavour of Indian chaat in the form of deliciously crunchy triangle chips.
  • Perfect triangular shape with the lip-smacking flavour of Indian street food;
  • Bingo! Mad Angles chips will give you a chatpata maza with every bite.
  • Satisfy your snack cravings anytime, anywhere with yummy Mad Angles Chaat Masti.
  • The authentic taste of desi chaat is added to the corn-based chips which gives a delicious combination of tangy tamarind, yoghurt and mint pudina.
  • Take a bite of the yummy Mad Angles and the perfect triangles will give you an authentic flavour of the chaat and a satisfying crunch.
  • Bingo Mad Angles Chaat Masti has the delicious taste of Chaat with the mouth watering combination of tangy tamarind, creamy yoghurt and freshness of pudina.
  • These perfect triangles are sure to recreate the magical taste of your favourite chaat and delight you,
  • So go ahead, Buy BINGO MAD ANGLES CHAAT MASTI in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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