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Brand: LAILA Product: AAA JASMINE RICE One of softest and fluffiest jasmine rice Laila Jasmine Rice also known as Thai Fragrant Rice, is a popular alternative to white rice. Cultivated in Thailand, It is a long-grain aromatic rice. Living up to its name, Laila Jasmine rice has a striking fragrance and is slightly sticky making it popular for many Oriental dishes. Pearly white and fluffy texture. Laila the delicate fragrance of the Jasmine flower floating through the air as it’s cooked in your home. Even better is when your taste buds experience the lightly sweet flavour of this soft fluffy rice. Perfect with meat, fish and/ or vegetables Beautiful fragrant rice It is highly recommended you taste the rice as the proof of the pudding is in eating. It's amazing taste is appreciated in most Asian Dishes, Especially Thai Cuisine. So go ahead, Buy LAILA AAA JASMINE RICE in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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