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Producent: Laila
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Brand: Laila

Product: Laila Brown Basmati Rice

Color: Brown

Grain Size: Long Grain

  • Laila Brown, Basmati Rice is a Vegetarian product.
  • Brown Basmati Rice is perfect for curries or as an accompaniment to any meat, vegetable or fish dish.
  • It's aged to intensify the flavour and taste.
  • Laila Brown Rice is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals,
  • so an excellent choice for those seeking a healthy diet.
  • Brown Basmati rice is free from cholesterol and super low in fat and sugar.
  • Brown Basmati Rice is An excellent source of carbohydrates,
  • Brown Basmati Rice gives you bundles of energy and helps you stay in tip top health.
  • Basmati is a variety of long, slender-grained aromatic rice which is traditionally from the Indian subcontinent.
  • Laila Brown Rice is perfect for Curries, Meat, Vegetables or Fish Dish.
  • It is packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • This is the perfect ingredient for different rice recipes.
  • Laila Brown Basmati Rice is a Premium Quality Brown Rice.
  • We never compromise our with Quality!
  • Laila Brown Basmati Rice is Pure Indian Basmati Rice with delicate Aroma Fragrant.
  • Our long Grain Brown Basmati Rice is free from Cholesterol and Super Low in Fat & Sugar.
  • It is an excellent source of carbohydrates.
  • Our Indian Basmati Rice will give you a bundle of energy and will help you to stay healthy.
  • Laila Brown Basmati Rice is highly nutritious rice owing to fewer of its nutrients being stripped away during the milling process.
  • Its high dietary fibre and iron content makes it ideal for the health-conscious.
  • A whole-grain rice, with the magical concentration of nutrients and dietary fibres, curries and meat dishes.
  • So go ahead, Buy Laila Brown Basmati Rice in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.

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