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Brand: Kurkure

Product: Green Chutney Style

  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Kurkure is a crunchy, new age namkeen snack.
  • Made with trusted kitchen ingredients.
  • Tangy chili taste in a generous serving.
  • Contains added flavor (natural, nature-identical, and artificial flavoring substances).
  • All the raw materials used in Kurkure comply with the food safety and standards.
  • All Kurkure ingredients are used daily in households for the preparation of various edible items.
  • A crunchy snack made from rice meal, cornmeal, and spiced condiments.
  • Made with trusted kitchen ingredients.
  • An appetizing peppery nosh with spicy green chutney flavor.
  • Delivers good taste in each bite.
  • A perfect snack to satisfy hunger pangs in a jiffy.
  • Kurkure is the perfect savory snack to have at tea time.
  • Kurkure Green Chutney Rajasthani Style Chips are tasty and delightful chips with a spicy Rajasthani twist.
  • This crunchy chips packet has a strong flavor of intense hot spices and bits of chili seasoning.
  • A snack that is similar to Cheetos and flavored with a spicy green chutney flavor in a North Indian Rajasthani style.
  • About the brand-Kurkure is a crunchy, new-age Pack namkeen snack brand that symbolizes light-hearted fun.
  • Embodying the spirit of India, Kurkure has found a home in millions of hearts and minds and enjoys the position of a strong love mark brand in India.
  • So go ahead, Buy KURKURE GREEN CHUTNEY STYLE in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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