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Brand: KCB

Product: Cake Rusk

  • KCB Cake Rusk is a crispy sweet biscuit.
  • KCB Cake Rusk is a Premium bakery item.
  • The perfect snack for your tea.
  • Gluten-Free: Made in a completely gluten-free atmosphere,
  • This is a real multigrain.
  • More than six different varieties of grain are used to make the flour.
  • Great with tea, coffee, or milk
  • Our tea time Cake Rusk is completely gluten-free with no artificial additives.
  • no artificial food colors & no preservatives.
  • Make your tea time even more delicious and healthy with our crunchy biscotti Cake Rusks.
  • Great flavors are not easy to create.
  • But we recreate them for every single bite of our tea time Cake Rusk.
  • Get ready to make your tea time even better.
  • Our gluten-free gourmet tea tIme Cake Rusk and your morning tea or coffee is an inseparable combination.
  • Nothing says good morning like the aroma of a good tea and our premium cake rusk.
  • So go ahead, Buy KCB CAKE RUSK in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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