Haldiram's NAVRATTAN


Shipping: 7 days

Brand: Haldiram’s


  • It is a mixture of namkeen.
  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Suitable for all food
  • Cholesterol free
  • Healthy and tasty namkeen
  • Haldiram's Navrattan is a delicious, hot and spicy blend of savoury noodles, lentils, peanuts, puffed rice and sun-dried potato chips.
  • With zero cholesterol, this mix of ingredients makes for a hearty and healthy treat to binge on!
  • Haldiram Navratan Mix offers you the yummy and spicy taste of the ultimate blend of dried nuts, beaten rice along Gram flour balls.
  • Experience the flavor of the assorted mixture.
  • It is hygienically sealed and sustains freshness for a longer period of time.
  • Haldiram is a recognized brand that offers a wide range of delicious sweets and namkeens.
  • Haldiram Navratan Mix makes your snack time more delectable and ever.
  • Navratan Mixture offers you an appetizing blend of dried nuts, deep-fried beaten rice, and the exotic flavors of classic Indian spices.
  • Navratan Mixture will make your tea-time snacking experience into an unmatchable delight.
  • So go ahead, Buy HALDIRAM’S NAVRATTAN in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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