Haldiram's Moong Dal


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Brand: Haldiram's

Product: Moong Dal

  • Split moong beans coated in a delectable selection of spices.
  • An all-time favourite offering from Haldiram's, you don't need a special time or occasion to snack on these!
  • Whether it be a hunger for a snack between lunch and dinner,
  • or midnight craving while binge-watching a new web series,
  • a Moong Daal Packet is the perfect snack food irrespective of the time and day. You can quickly buy moong daal on our website with just a few clicks.
  • A moong daal Namkeen packet is not just an ideal snack for a house party, but also the perfect snack for an office party, or snack for tea time.
  • The crunchy Namkeen is a favourite of people of all ages.
  • Its freshness is evident in every bite.
  • A pack of moong daal is extremely popular as a travel snack.
  • Fitting easily into backpacks and an answer to hunger pangs while you’re travelling.
  • Buy moong dal Namkeen online along with our other snacks and enjoy the variety of the taste of tradition from Haldiram’s Nagpur.
  • A taste that is authentic to India and a texture that is famous worldwide, Moong Daal is loved by Indians all over the world.
  • This is also one of our most exported snacks to multiple countries for many years.
  • Moong Dal is a savoury snack that doesn’t need a special time or occasion to snack on!
  • This fried, salty and delicious snack is exactly what you need to satisfy the small hunger pangs that attack during the day.
  • This can also be served as an accompaniment with drinks during a family/friends get together.
  • Haldirams Moong Dal is arranged by using the superiority of moong and extra ingredients.
  • It has good quality taste and aroma. Get pleasure from the snacks with your beloved tea time.


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