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Producent: Haldiram's
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Brand - Haldiram

  • Country of origin - India
  • Ingredients: Gram pulse flour, edible vegetable oil, edible starch, common salt and chilli powder.
  • Haldiram Boondi.
  • Amazingly tasty with raita.
  • Too tasty to avoid.
  • Beads of gram flour.
  • Seasoned with salt.
  • It is eaten as a side dish with pulao, or any other meal.
  • Haldiram Boondi is ready with delicious ingredients.
  • It is very yummy and peppery snacks.
  • Khara boondis are mostly a well assortment of the spicy and salty stuff.
  • It can be used for recipes like boondi raita, boondi ladoo, spicy boondi, and many more.
  • Boondi is named after the tiny drops of besan batter that is deep fried to create the classic snack everyone knows and loves.
  • Boondi can be with curd & buttermilk garnished with coriander leaves to create a soothing raita that makes your dinner or lunch exotic and delicious.

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