Heera Crushed Wheat Coarse

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Producent: Heera
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Brand: Heera

Product: Heera Wheat Coarse

  • Heera Crushed Wheat Coarse is a Vegetarian Product.
  • Crushed Wheat Coarse is a whole grain product used in baking made from grinding or chopping wheat berries into varying particle sizes.
  • Even fine ground crushed wheat is substantially larger than flour particles and has the germ and hull of the wheat kernel, unlike white flour.
  • The distinctively nutty food is versatile, low in calories, and loaded with nutrients.
  • It is a primary source of protein and also contains appreciable amounts of minerals and vitamins – especially vitamin B.
  • Crushed wheat is best used in whole wheat bread recipes.
  • Crushed Wheat Coarse can be used as a cereal, or in casseroles, salads, and stuffing, as well as savory preparations like upma or namkeen dalia.
  • So go ahead, and Buy Heera Crushed Wheat Coarse in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.

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