EVEREST Kitchen King Masala


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Product: Kitchen King Masala

  • Goes with any and every dish.
  • The perfect combination of taste and aroma.
  • A pinch of this masala can be added to the seasoning while cooking.
  • Everest Kitchen King Masala is made from fresh and select varieties of whole spices that are pounded to perfection.
  • Add a teaspoon of this masala to dal, vegetable dishes, meat, and chicken curries to give them a flavourful twist.
  • Being turmeric and coriander based, the mix gives curry a tasty golden hue.
  • Ideal for vegetable dishes with soft curry.
  • Explore the curry experience with this usual mix that gives vegetable curries a lordly taste and a soft, quiet flavor.
  • Explore the 'Curry' experience with this classic blend that gives vegetable curries a lordly taste and a mild, subdued flavor.
  • Being coriander and turmeric-based, the blend gives curry an appetizing golden hue.
  • It is the recommended blend to prepare India's much loved vegetarian dish - Home-bred Cheese in fresh green peas: Mattar Paneer.
  • Paneer curries and light gravies are enhanced with the fragrance and taste of Everest Kitchen King.
  • Ideal for vegetable & paneer dishes with mild curry.
  • Everest presents their authentic range of masalas that are blended with a wide variety of handpicked and selected spices that bring a whole new flavor and meaning to your dishes.
  • Rake up your favorite recipes and cuisines by adding this magical blend of Everest masalas.
  • Indian curries are all about imbibing a variety of spices with meat, dal, or vegetables for a rich flavor and lots of texture.
  • The spices in Indian cuisine can make or break the dish.
  • Everest understands this and has been busy making spices and spice mixes that can lift any and every dish in Indian cooking.
  • This spice mix can be used to season various dishes and delicacies like Butter Paneer, chicken, and even various everyday vegetable and dal preparations.
  • So go ahead, Buy EVEREST KITCHEN KING MASALA in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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