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Brand: PATAK’S

Product: Mango Pickle

  • A Delicious blend of juicy mangoes with traditional spices
  • A classic Indian pickle, celebrating India's national fruit,
  • combining deliciously fruity mangoes with a blend of traditional spices with an extra chilli kick.
  • The delicate flavour of the mango blended with vegetable oil, whole split mustard and spices,
  • delivers a superb accompaniment to most Indian dishes and is also a very good condiment to match with other foods.
  • A savoury blend of pickled mango and exotic spices.
  • These pickles are perfect for those looking for a little extra spice.
  • Pataks Mango Pickle allows you to enjoy a traditional Indian pickle at home.
  • Enjoy as a tasty condiment to your favourite curry and naan, or try in a sandwich, salad or with cold meats to give an everyday meal a delicious Indian twist.
  • Patak's Hot Mango Pickle is based on a traditional Indian recipe and is striking for its extra chilli touch.
  • It can be called an exotic amalgamation of sour mangos and traditional Indian spices.
  • This hot and spicy recipe is a perfect accompaniment to go as a curry with various kinds of meals.
  • The Indian pickles made from fruit and vegetables fired Chilli and a blend of spices
  • Patak's Mango Pickle mixed with yoghurt that turns into a delicious sauce.
  • So go ahead, Buy PATAK’S MANGO PICKLE in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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