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Brand: Britannia

Taste: Wheat Rusks

  • Experience the taste, texture, and crunch of the classic Britannia premium bake rusk.
  • With the right amount of sweetness, substance of wheat, and hint of elaichi, it perfectly complements your steaming cup of tea.
  • Happy munching.
  • Britannia Wheat Toast with added Cardamom.
  • Light, Crisp & Delicious Toast.
  • Make your tea time extra delightful when you enjoy Britannia Rusks with family & friends.
  • Britannia Bake Rusk Toast has been a traditional tea companion and is loved by many.
  • Britannia rusk toast is as crispy as your traditional one, but with a hint of elaichi and right amount of sweetness, its taste will leave you amazed.
  • Britannia toastea premium bake rusk for long has been a part of every home, sharing those moments of joy.
  • Believing in delivering fresh and healthy products, 
  • Britannia India manufactures some of India's favorite brands like 50-50, Tiger, Nutri Choice, Bourbon, Good Day, Milk Bikis and Little Hearts.


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