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Brand: Aashirvaad

Type: Whole-Wheat Flour

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    Aashirvaad Atta is a vegetarian product.

    Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta has 0% maida and 100% atta. This means you serve soft, fluffy rotis and a whole lot of health and happiness.

    Made with superior quality wheat.

    Prepares soft and delicious roti.

    Rich source of Fibre.

    Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta is Made in India.

    Consists of heavier in feel quality flour.

    Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Whole Wheat Atta is ground with utmost precision.

    Enriched with wholesome vitamins, it can be used to prepare the softest of rotis.

    The use of superior quality grains makes Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta a healthy and wholesome choice.

    Pure wheat grain, without any Maida addition, is used in the preparation of the flour.

    Helps in making soft and delicious chapatis.

    Provides fiber content to the body.

    Extra protein enrichments strengthen the body.

    Aashirvaad whole wheat atta is made of zero percent maida and 100% atta, which makes it extremely nutritious since it’s packed with health benefits.

    This also means more fluffy and soft rotis at home.

    Aashirvaad Atta is also made from the best grains.

    It is grounded using the chakki - grinding process for the perfect balance of color, taste, and nutrition.

    Apart from whole grain, this product contains important vitamins, minerals, and calcium, all of which are good for a healthy body.

    With AASHIRVAAD Superior MP Atta, you can always be sure of the best quality wheat atta for your loved ones.

    The high-water absorption rate of the AASHIRVAAD Superior MP Atta ensures the softest, fluffiest rotis for your family.

    With the AASHIRVAAD brand, quality is of the utmost priority for the consumers.

    The grain produce goes through a 3-step cleaning process that ensures the best quality of wheat grains.

    Aashirvaad ensures locking-in the highest nutritional value in whole wheat flour.

    Behind every Aashirvaad pack are the Indian farmers and Aashirvaad experts who’ve made the atta with extra care.

    The dough made from this chakki atta absorbs more water which makes sure that the rotis remain softer for a longer period.

    So go ahead, and Buy Aashirvaad Atta in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.


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