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Brand: Achi

Product: Chilly Fryums

Chilly Fryums is a vegetarian product.

Chilli Frymus- A south Indian ready-to-eat item.

Sun-Dried Chillies is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Dressing and Condiments,

Chilli Fryums should be fried in oil and consumed along with curd rice.

Salted chilies are a delicacy served as a substitute for pickles in many parts of the South Indian menu.

Organic and natural.

No Artificial flavors or Preservatives.

Ready to fry.

Famous for its dashing taste that complies with any of your favorite meals.

Team this up in your regular diet and there will be no more boring food time anymore.

Fryums Papad is a type of food that is dried with jeera, chilli, sago flower, and the like.

Achi Chilly Fryums is featured in South Indian cuisine.

Along with these, spices such as cilantro, cumin, onion, salt, curry leaves and chilli are added to the saute pan, flattened, and dried in the sun.

Fryums Papad can be used for a long time.

food items can be preserved by making them in the Papad as soon as possible.

These are eaten with a variety of foods called rice and evening snacks.

All-time Snacks to fry at home in the oil of your choice.

Strive to provide the best products to enjoy with loved ones.

So go ahead, and Buy Achi Chilly Fryums in INDIAFRESH.EU online today.

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